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Ted Pease is one of the only Certified Specialists in Estates and Trust Law in Ontario who does not handle estate litigation. However, our Brantford and Richmond Hill law firm of McIntosh & Pease is committed to advising clients on the method of resolution best for them in the midst of an estate or power of attorney dispute. Our role as counsel is to inform beneficiaries about their entitlement and rights and to offer an opinion as to whether a litigation proceeding is in their best interest. As our lawyers are not litigators, you will receive sound advice and will not be exposed to the feeling of perhaps being pushed into a long and expensive court battle.

Offering High-Quality Advice on Estate Disputes

Beneficiaries of an estate or dependents who have been left out of a will or who did not receive a fair share of the estate may question their entitlement to certain assets and privileges associated with the estate. Our lawyers will use our knowledge of estates and trusts law to advise on whether a potential settlement is appropriate, as well as our relationships with estate litigators to advise as to the appropriateness of a court action.

Once our clients are armed with the appropriate information, we will perform mediation services to help them resolve their estate disputes outside of a courtroom proceeding. Our client-focused practice has, at its core, a dedication to providing the information clients need to make important decisions. We have no incentive to encourage our clients to go to court for a lengthy and expensive litigation proceeding; we use our knowledge and negotiation skills to secure the results our clients need and desire.

Richmond Hill Mediation Lawyers

Our practice is largely focused on estate planning and administration legal services, and our experienced legal counsel have worked in this area for decades. This acquired knowledge and skill supplement the high-quality advice and representation we provide to our clients.

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