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Estate planning is a detailed process designed to ensure your wishes are carried out as you age and eventually pass on. A proper estate plan should be comprehensive in its treatment of assets, with the intent to minimize taxes and probate fees and provide for the protection of loved ones.

One of the tools the lawyers at the firm use to minimize probate fees for high net worth clients, including those with shares in private operating and holding corporations, are Multiple Wills. We deal with the private company shares and shareholder loans, together with personal property and any real estate where probate is not required to deal with the assets in a second Will, which is not probated. By using Multiple Wills, probate fees of 1.5 percent can be saved.

Our Brantford law firm of McIntosh & Pease provides excellent service for all of our clients' estate planning needs. Ted Pease is a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law, and the majority of his practice is devoted to work in this area. Lawyer Amanda Groves is a strong asset in this area of our practice, including the area of guardianship applications.

Creating a Comprehensive Estate Plan

Our firm offers clients not only the individual tools to meet their estate planning objectives but also advice on how best to use these legal mechanisms to their personal and financial advantage.

Among the tools we use to serve our clients' needs are:

  • Wills: These documents itemize how our clients wish to have their assets dispersed after death. We often use trusts and mutual wills with side agreements to ensure our clients' wishes are carried out.
  • Powers of attorney for property and personal care: These allow clients to appoint the individual that they choose to make financial and health care decisions on their behalf.
  • Guardianship applications: In the event an incapacitated person did not have a power of attorney and an individual would like to make decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person, we advise and represent client interests in preparing a guardianship application.
  • Testamentary trusts: These allow for the protection of assets, so they are preserved for specific loved ones as well as income splitting amongst heirs.

Each individual has specific needs and objectives for his or her estate. As your legal counsel, our Brantford and Richmond Hill estate planning lawyers strive to make you feel comfortable with this process so you can speak openly about your financial and personal situation.

Toronto Estate Tax Planning Lawyers

To ensure our estate planning is as comprehensive for our clients as possible, we ask that potential clients itemize their assets and provide details about their heirs as part of a questionnaire that can be found on our client resources page. This information remains in confidence with us, and our clients' candour in this regard is fundamental for us to develop a plan for their specific needs.

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