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At our Brantford and Richmond Hill firm of McIntosh & Pease, we advise small-business owners on a succession plan for their business. A prudent part of asset and taxation planning, business succession is also part of the comprehensive estate plans that our lawyers devise for our clients' personal and financial needs.

The Necessity of a Succession Plan

Individual business owners may discover that, while focusing on the growth of their business, they have neglected to plan for a time when they are no longer able to devote the time or attention to their enterprise they once were able.

The necessity for a succession plan may have arisen as part of an overall estate planning process or at the urging of their financial advisors or bank that insists upon seeing a succession plan. As business succession lawyers, we can help put a plan in place to determine such issues as:

  • How the business will be run upon your retirement or death
  • How the business will be passed on to your family upon your death
  • How members of the family will become part of the company prior to your passing
  • The optimal legal structure to ensure your business can be sold on a tax efficient basis

A succession plan should also include your estate plan. For business owners, we recommend utilizing our estate planning tools such as multiple wills, mutual wills with a side agreement and testamentary trusts to ensure that the maximum value of your business can be retained by your family after your death.

The process of succession planning can be lengthy and complex. At our firm, our experience and skill allow us to work alongside your accountant to handle the succession planning process efficiently while ensuring all necessary legal steps are taken for the benefit of you, your family and your business.

Richmond Hill Business Planning Lawyers

As a firm focused almost exclusively on estate planning and administration, we are particularly capable of recommending solutions to your business succession needs. The advice we provide can form part of an overall wills and estate plan for your needs and those of your family.

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