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A will ensures your wishes for your estate are given legal weight in the event of your passing. In particular, if your assets are complex, the advice of an experienced wills lawyer can ensure you have a will that properly reflects the entirety of your estate and your objectives for it.

At our Brantford and Richmond Hill law firm of McIntosh & Pease, we have served clients in this area for decades, and estate planning constitutes the majority of our practice.

The Importance of Having a Will

A will is a legal document that determines what will happen to assets held in a person's name after he or she passes away. Although the law requires the will maker, also called the testator, to make certain provisions for his or her dependants, the testator is free to leave his or her assets to individuals or to charities of the testator's choosing. As well, a will allows the testator to craft an estate plan that includes asset protection methods, such as testamentary trusts.

If an individual dies without a will (intestacy), the assets are distributed according to a formula set by the government. According to law, the deceased's married spouse will inherit the first $200,000 worth of assets, and the married spouse and children share the assets over $200,000. If the deceased had no spouse or children, assets would then go to his or her parents, then siblings if the parents are also deceased, then nieces and nephews if the siblings are also deceased. If all of the above are predeceased, then the nearest next of kin will inherit.

In addition to these rules, the beneficiaries of a person who died without a will often must make a formal application to the government in order to be recognized as a beneficiary.

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A will is only one part of an overall estate plan, which will also include the appointment of a power of attorney to care for your financial assets, and the appointment of a power of attorney to care for your health and personal care in the case of your mental incapacitation. An estate plan could also include the creation of trusts to protect and care for loved ones.

At our law firm, our practice is focused almost exclusively on estates and trusts law. Our experience in this area means that our level of knowledge and the quality of our advice provide great benefits to our clients.

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